Month: October 2019

Episode 33: The Dodger Stadium Trip

In this episode — guest co-host Tony Restaino and I chat about our trip this past August to Los Angeles for the Yankees/Dodgers series. We’ll give you flight, hotel and ticket tips plus much more!

Episode 32: Heartbreak and Our Offseason Plans

This morning, I still wasn’t over it. YES Network does a great job now of re-running the postgame in the morning in case you miss anything. I simply left it on mute.

Almost isn’t good enough for Yankee fans. That passion, and those expectations, are what allow niche podcasts like this to even exist in the first place.

I was at game 4 of the ALCS up in the Bronx, and I’ll talk about that as well as our offseason plans (spoiler alert: this year we actually have some!) in the latest episode.


Episode 31: Meeting Mo AND Jeter

I know… it’s been a minute. No time to explain the hiatus because we have A LOT to get to on this week’s podcast. Tony “Cousin Tony” Restaino joins us in New York for this week’s taping. He and I have a number of recently shared Yankee experiences, including a meet-and-greet with Mariano Rivera after he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the summer. Anth and I chat about the pros and cons of that Fanatics/7th Inning Stretch event in this episode.

And then Monday, I met Derek Jeter. NO BIG DEAL. You’ll hear the quick word I had with “El Capitan” in this episode.

Good to be back — better that we’re in the ALCS. Let’s go Yankees!